Influnetics is a platform that helps influencers & advertisers/brands find value in their interactions with online audiences
The platform analyzes online interactions to identify ‘in-context’ influencers to give better ROI insights for brands & equips influencers with actionable data which can be used  to improve their value to the brands
Users are able to track campaign insights and see the value(Netic) gained on each campaign.
On this Project I was tasked with creating the UI Design of the app, developing the design systems, information architecture, wire-framing and prototyping. I worked alongside developers to ensure pixel perfect implementation from design. The main purpose of the app is to equip users with actionable data that translates the impact of each campaign to both brands and influencers. Users are able to create accounts based on what status they fall under. Theres a track campaign page which breaks down the metrics gotten from a campaign. 

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