Hi there, my name is Nelson Nwogu, a multidisciplinary designer based in Toronto, I love challenging myself and looking to expand my mind on all facets of design. However I have a keen interest and investment  into product design and management with everything relating from (design thinking, research, design system etc) to taking on projects from idea to execution. 
How did I get into design you ask? I have an educational background in software engineering and computer programming however I found myself more focused on the look, feel and interactions of projects I worked on which sparked my interest to dive deep into design jump starting my entrepreneurial career in design.    
I have  worked on a diverse set of projects, working from art direction and social media marketing designs to website & app designs, research  and with developers in the area's of data visualization.

My goal with all projects I take on is to simplify the relationship between people and the interactive products they use, with much consideration of the business goals and technological constraints. I am aware of the impact our solutions have on people's lives, and this is the reason why I always give my best to create a seamless and delightful experience to provide the best solutions.
That’s enough talk for one page, I’m always looking forward to chatting further!

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